Sunday, 9 November 2008


It sounds like the end of the world outside. Rain lashing against the windows, high winds, mysterious crashing noises from the garden, the wailing of the damned. Brrrrr.

And, just to make my day perfect, I have a cold. Bloody great. Was just about recovered from the bronchitis (bar the occasional lung-busting coughing fit) and now I am the vile Queen of the Snot People. Lovely.

Ah well, I can drag my weary carcass to London tomorrow and make everyone feel uneasy as I sniffle my way through the day. It's good to have plans.

Mr WithaY's kind mate who brought him home from Heathrow came round for lunch today, and showed us the rather fab DVD he is making with all the podcasts from the shark-tagging trip. I had assumed that they did all the tagging from inside a cage under the water.

No no no.

They were in a very small inflatable boat, jabbing at the sharks from above, as other members of the team dangled revolting bits of dead fish in the water, jerking them away from the shark just as it thought it was getting a nice mouthful. They have photos of one of these small boats with a huge hole bitten in the side, after one of the Great White Sharks decided she had had enough of this treatment. Gah.

I'm very glad I had no idea that was all going on.

So. Time for a bite (heh) of supper and then an early night, and then tomorrow a long day up to the Smoke. But Mr WithaY is home, so at least I won't be coming home to a cold*, dark, empty house, to eat my meagre supper of bread and scrape** and cry myself to sleep***.

*Well, warm, but you know, dramtic license
**Fresh pasta and ice cream, but not in the same bowl
***Watch Futurama DVDs and then have a nice bath



Your tragesty, Vile Queen of the Snot People, hello.

You're in a right old state, it seems. Deary me. That's bad enough, of course, and I wish you a speedy recovery etc, but I'm not sure I understand this shark thing. Why were they doing this? To what end? It sounds like the kind of thing that is almost certainly preordained to end very messily indeed at some point in a not so distant future.

Shark-tagging? Wtf? Baffled. And scared.

Good to see I'm not alone in suffering the relentless and lashing rain, though. That's pleasing.

Hope everything is tickety-boo in London today.

Kind regards etc....


livesbythewoods said...

ah, TPE, nice of you to pop in. Yes, I am snotty and grumpy tonight. A delightful combination.

Shark tagging was part of a huge legit scary science thingy. I will post some pics once they're all sorted out.

Brrrrr. Sharks.

tpe said...

Tragesty, hello again. I hope you're feeling a bit better today.

But yes, I'm relieved to hear about the shark thing. I didn't want to say anything - can't stand disharmony - but I worried a bit that it might be some form of shark-baiting that you were describing. The kind of thing that (admittedly brave) people might do, for example, purely for their own enjoyment, whilst tormenting the very hell out of innocent sharkies.

I've been lax doing the rounds in Blogoslavia this last wee while and so may very well have missed a post of yours which explained the shark adventure in more detail. My bad, obviously, but I'm still relieved to hear that legitimate boffiny activity was involved.

Now I'll just look forward to the pictures with scared curiosity and a mercifully clear conscience.

Kind regards etc....


livesbythewoods said...

ahh TPE, I welcome your valid concerns. Nope, this was all about tagging sharks and then placing receivers off Guadaloupe (sp?) to record their movements.

There were real marine biologists involved.