Saturday, 22 November 2008

Hanky Panky

I was looking at the box of tissues on my desk the other day, as you do. One the back is a website address for something called the Sneeze Safe Programme, with the strapline:

"And look out for Kleenex tissues featuring Disney characters to make nose blowing even more fun!"

Now, I am not a particular fan of Disney characters, but why would blowing your nose on Winnie the Pooh or Goofy make it "fun"? And, more to the point, why would you want it to be fun anyway?

I have never, in all my 42 years, heard anyone, anywhere say "I love blowing my nose, it's such fun!" I don't see people having a sneeze or a sniffle, then getting their hanky out with a huge excited grin, clearly anticipating having the time of their life.


And I can't for the life of me imagine that parents would want to train their children to expect a rip-roaring good time when they are all snotty.

Unless they are teaching them all about disappointment nice and early. That would make sense.


MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

fun for kids??? well so that's what's wrong with these I understand ... :)

Spencer said...

Unless of course you have some sort of issue with Disney and relish the thought of covering the various characters with snot. As a Warner Bros fan I can see the appeal of that :)

livesbythewoods said...

It's both disgusting and irritating. And pointless.