Sunday, 27 July 2008


Blimey it's hot.

It's been a real up and down week at work, and a blazing hot weekend. I am exhausted.

Work stuff has actually been rather encouraging. Had to go and brief a Very Senior Person Indeed on Thursday, which went quite well. Amusingly, he had to step out for 10 minutes to receive some exalted guests from overseas, and came back into the meeting wearing a rather jaunty scarf they gave him as a present.

The upshot of our meeting was that he agrees that my team is woefully understaffed, and we need help. So fingers crossed there for some more people to help out.

I met my new boss on Friday, who is lovely, so that was another high point. But best of all, I found out that I have been awarded a TOP BONUS this year. Yay me.

The pay system we have is complicated by the bonus system, which I won't bore you all with, but it turns out that this time I am one of the winners. So, I am trying not to think too hard about all the crap things about the system, and focus on the fact that I will get some extra cash at some point. When they sort out our pay. Which might be months away yet.

Other news: It's been a very hot few days. Weatherwise I mean. We had my Middle Sis and family here for the weekend and even managed to have a barbecue. Outdoors and everything, we even ate in the garden for (I think) the first time this summer.

We have eaten like kings all weekend, which has been fab.

Also. Took the family over to visit our mates in the village to admire their chickens. Most endearing*.

We seem to have spent the entire weekend sitting in the garden, which has been very relaxing indeed. Middle Sis and I even did some gardening on Saturday afternoon. We have cut the hedge at the end of the back garden in a swathe, because our extension cord doesn't reach all the way. Now it looks like someone has taken a bite out of it.

Went into Salisbury on Saturday and bought some strap locks for my guitar, then spent an entertaining 30 minutes today trying to fit them, based on what the bloke in the music shop had told me. He was talking bollocks, it turned out, and the whole process was in fact very simple indeed.

Hopefully when I play in public next weekend, at least I won't have to contend with my guitar crashing to the floor.

Middle Sis told me a brilliant joke:

Q: What is the name for a fear of passwords?

A: Friendorphobia

*The chickens, I mean. We already thought highly of our mates.


B.E. Earl said...

Still trying to figure out the title of the post.

Like the film, eh?

livesbythewoods said...

Nope, it's a reference to a bit in a Terry Pratchett book (can't remember which one) where the password is always "swordfish".

Of course, he might have nicked it from a film to start with.

B.E. Earl said...

The film probably nicked it from him. The original title was "Password: Swordfish".