Thursday, 10 July 2008


Finally. The sun is shining. Anyone would think it was the middle of summer.....oh, wait.

I took the morning off today, because when the alarm went off at ten to seven I was so tired I couldn't even see straight. I am owed about 5 days worth of hours, so taking 4 off is no big deal, I think. Went back to sleep after I rang the team to tell them not to expect me till lunchtime, and didn't wake up again till 11am.

We have a big planning session tomorrow, which I think will take most of the day. One of the team is bringing in cakes. How marvellous.

Found out today that one of my guys is going to be leaving. He's been offered a job which will save him about 3 hours of commuting a day, so he's taking it. Can't say I blame him, either. So, I need to fling myself gaily into the departmental recruiting maelstrom once more. Joy.

Right. Bedtime.

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