Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Rain II

It's still raining.

Been a hectic week again and it's only Wednesday. Monday was ridiculous. I left home at 0500, drove to work, met a colleague at 0600, drove to Southampton Airport, caught a flight to Belfast, had lunch, had a meeting, raced back to the airport and caught the 6pm flight home, arriving back chez WithaY at about 9.30pm.


On the plus side, I met an old friend at Southampton Airport who was on the same flights out and back as we were, so that was fun. He was off to meet with BBC Northern Ireland to try and get them to take up a huuuuuge contract with his firm. Hope they did.

Was hoping to see Manuel on my travels, but no such luck.

Apparently we missed Martin McGuinness at Belfast Airport by about 5 minutes, though.

First time I flew to Edinburgh, the very first person I saw as I walked into the Arrivals Hall was Ewan McGregor. I thought he'd been sent there specially to greet me.

Right. Off to work. God I'm tired. Already.

Must be getting old.


tpe said...

Hello. Just dropping by to sympathise - it's been raining here (southern Ireland) since roughly the end of May, repeating the wretched pattern of last year. It really, properly, depresses me. I like rain and wind and clouds - don't get me wrong - but not in high Summer.

Edinburgh is beautiful, though. I suggest you go there a lot.

Plus, you clearly need to calm down and take it easy. Too much ducking and diving will make you quite ill.

Oh. It seems like I didn't come here to sympathise, after all. I came to tell you off. God, what a wank. Sorry about that.

Hope the rain lifts soon, though.

From a desolate Ireland, kind regards etc...


livesbythewoods said...

Ah, tpe, nice to see you again.

Edinburgh is lovely, I haven't been there for a while but maybe I should take a trip.

And it's pissing down here as well. Still.