Thursday, 17 July 2008

Inner Dolphins

In a vain attempt to revive my flagging good nature by flooding it with inner dolphins, I went to the gym after work. Bloody hell it was hard.

Also meant I didn't get home till 7pm which is quite late for me.

As I pulled into the drive, Mr WithaY was scampering towards the gate clutching his longbow and a quiver of arrows.

Oh how I wish I was kidding.

He stopped and waited till I got out of the car, and then explained "I'm off to next door's! They've got archery targets in their field!" It was said in the same tone of voice as an excited child might tell you that they are going fishing for tadpoles.

So, off he went to do some archery for a bit while I had some supper and watched repeats of Friends on TV to try and unwind after a frankly crap day in the office. We both had a very nice time, thank you.

Other news: Bloody secret police have been out in force today trapping speeding motorists. I saw two unmarked police cars* in the same village, and then two police speed camera vans within about a three mile stretch of road on the way to work. Must be coming up to Wiltshire's Trapped Speeding Motorists quota time again.

*They had their top secret police lights flashing, which is how I knew what they were. In case you thought I might be psychic. Which I'm not.


Caro said...

Archery sounds fun actually.

Top secret police, not so much.

livesbythewoods said...

Archery is excellent fun. I have a great photo of an armed response police officer having a go on Mr WithaY's traditional English longbow. If I ever work out how to scan stuff in, I might post it.

Top secret police with speed cameras keep me in fear of getting a nasty letter through the pose one morning.