Monday, 28 July 2008

The flies...the heat....

Still too hot.

Never happy, me. Spent the morning trawling slowly through my emails and trying to tidy up loose ends. Just as well I don't have any meetings today, because my brain has turned into a heap of noodles from the heat.

I might take a load of reading home this afternoon and do it in the shade in the garden.

It's remarkably oppressive in here. I guess it's only about 25 degrees but because we can't keep the bloody windows open (the slightest gust of wind and they slam shut) the office is very stuffy. I have a fan on my desk* but if I have it facing me, it is too annoying, so I have it set up to blow air around without actually getting me in the face.

My brother-in-law is convinced our family has a vampire gene somewhere because Middle Sis and I keep out of the sun wherever possible.

He may be right. I do have remarkably sharp teeth.

*The electrical type, not someone telling me how great they think I am all day long. Maybe I should advertise that as a job.

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