Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I have a new life plan.

I intend to discover a very elderly, obscenely wealthy, previously-unknown relative and ingratiate myself with them as soon as possible. There's no other way I can give up work before it kills me.

I don't play the lottery very often and have never even won a tenner, so that's obviously no use.

Grand though it has been, my freakish raffle-winning ability is not sufficient to support my jetset* lifestyle. There's only so long you can live on Christmas cake and cheap wine, after all.

It has been frankly mental this week, and it's only Tuesday. Gah.

My new staff arrived and have made themselves busy stealing furniture from other bits of the office and trying to get phones that work, which is great. I feel like Fagin from Oliver Twist.

I'm going to be dashing about a fair bit over the next few weeks, as well. Am in Bristol tomorrow and London two days next week, so lots of lovely train travel to look forward to. GAH.

On the bright side, we had the garden hedges cut yesterday so the place looks much smarter. Soon be Spring.

*I have been on a jet. That counts, right?


Manuel said...

it's good to have a plan......you go for it....

livesbythewoods said...

Yeah, the hard part will be finding a sane, frail, unlikeable 95-year-old relative with an Obscenely Huge Fortune who is keen to let me have it.

The money. I mean.