Saturday, 12 January 2008

Gold! And cake.

Well, so many exciting* things have been going on. Where to start?

I have new glasses, which is very pleasing. They are much smarter than my old ones, and give me much better peripheral vision, which is good. And they make me look brainier, so I can impress people.

Had my hair cut yesterday and despite her taking about 4 inches off the layers, it looks longer than it did before. So that's a good result.

It snowed! I got home mid-afternoon and half an hour later it was like Narnia out there. All gone by morning though.

We had some mates round for dinner last night. Was intended to be a very casual supper kind of thing, but I decided to make a pudding, and things escalated.

I flicked idly through my Green and Black Chocolate cookbook and selected a pudding that seemed reasonably quick, and potentially impressive. I got creating, and it went in the oven in good time.

I kept checking the progress, as it baked in the oven. It wasn't ready when the recipe said it would be, so I gave it another 5 minutes. Then another 5 minutes. Then another 5 minutes.

Tempers (well, mine at least) began to fray.

Finally it was ready. Well, ready-ish. I decided to make it less bizarre looking by using some funky edible gold stuff I found.


Which could be used for other things as well as cake.


I finished laying the table, and as I put the paper napkins out, I said to Mr WithaY "This is how I define an informal supper".

He replied "What? By shouting 'The fucking cake still isn't ready'?"


Anyhoo, guests arrived and a grand time was had by all. Especially me. And the cake was a success.


Am a bit hungover today though. Can't think why.


*Assuming your expectations raised by the word "exciting" are not very high


John said...

On a serious note, is that Green & Black's rec ipe book worth buying? I nearly bought it the other day, but decided a 22 year old male baking cakes may be seen as slightly suspicious...

livesbythewoods said...

It is an excellent book, every recipe I've tried has worked out very well.

And it's when you wear a frilly pinny to do the baking that I'd worry if I were you.