Thursday, 3 January 2008


Oh yeah. Was almost wiped out this morning on the way to work by a FUCKWIT in a dark blue car who was tanking along the road with NO FUCKING LIGHTS ON.


I mean, every other road user had lights on. Even the doddery old galoots with Nissan Micras had managed to find the right switch.

I was behind one of said doddery galoots (2 of them, and a huge dog up on the back seat glaring at me), so decided to overtake. It was a nice long straight bit of road, I waited till the hidden dip was past, nothing in sight for miles, and then put my foot down to go past.

And hey, guess what?

Heading my way at 80 miles an hour was said unlit, unseen till the last moment, fuckwit. I managed to get past and back onto my side of the road with, ooh, several inches to spare, and flashed him angrily.*

He's probably still wondering what my problem was.

If I see him again I will force him off the road and explain it to him. Slowly.

*With my lights. Tch.


John said...

And the moral of the story?

Drive a Transformer who would have kicked the other driver's ass in this scenario.

Watch the film 'Transformers' to make your own informed decision, but I would highly recommend using Optimus Prime. Or Bumblebee.

They are both like sexual biscuits.

livesbythewoods said...

Hmm, tempting.

Is Optimus Prime a relative of Amazon Prime?

The only sexual biscuits I can think of are finger biscuits. And that's just because I'm immature.