Sunday, 6 January 2008


No, not between my ears. Between posts.

Either my life has got even less eventful and interesting than before (can you imagine such a thing?) or I am getting lazier about blogging.

Hmm, shall we have a think about that?

I remember reading* that the average life of a blog is about 6 months. Well, this one has been going since March last year so is slightly over that. Hurrah for me.

I think it might be that I am getting a fair bit of feedback from people about what appears here, so it could be making me think a bit more about what I write.

Or I might just be really lazy.

Anyway, enough of that.

Made some more scones today which worked nicely, so hurrah for that. Other than that little burst of domesticity, the big activity of the day has been painting my toenails purple. But, as my Mum said, at least I can still reach them. Can't see them when I stand up, but I know they're there.

Also, took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday, so the sitting room feels huge without a tree in the corner.

And Mr WithaY met our neighbours' new labrador puppy. 8 weeks old and as cute as a button, apparently.

Ah, puppies. And on that heartwarming thought, I'm off for some chicken jambalaya.

*fuck knows where


Spen said...

I'm still reading, although I admit that I have just sat in my hotel room and caught up on a fortnight in one go. Busy fortnight. Sorry to hear the organic shop has gone. Keep up the blog, it is genuinely a ray of sunshine for me.....oh, and it saves me a small fortune I would otherwise spend on books :)

livesbythewoods said...

And it means you don't have to ring me and talk to me in person.

How is life in Port Folios?

Heh. I thought of you when I did my post on clowns. Ah, happy days.