Monday, 21 January 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Oh my!

Join in.

I was looking at the BBC website today and an article about a huge feral cat problem in Newport caught my eye.

As in, lots of feral cats, not one HUGE feral cat, terrorising the neighbourhood like a scabby, furball-producing Godzilla. Although I do like that idea.


I'll do the link properly later. If I can be arsed.

So, very sad story, loss of many jobs, closure of the industry, sad hungry cats, security guard forking out huge amounts of cash on cat food because all the little animals were used to being fed by the staff there, etcetera.

The bit that made me snort tea out of my nose was this:

"Just a skeleton staff remains and Gwent Cats Protection have stepped in to help them care for the cats."


Other news. Went to see my Mum and Youngest Sis and family on Saturday. Was very nice. Mum is planning on getting a laptop so she can hook up to the interweb* and see what all the fuss is about. We went to PC World (other PC retailers are available) to look at the options. Blimey it's complicated.

Was able to provide advice in a small way, which was good. And we got chatted to by a kind old chap who told us how fantastic he thinks webcams are. I really, really hope he uses them to keep in touch with his apple-cheeked grandchildren, rather than any other nefarious purpose**.

I was also allowed to open my birthday present early. Apparently Youngest Sis and family decided there was a gap in my life, only fillable by a large, soft, white bear. He's lovely. I made sure he wore his seat belt on the journey home.

Pictures to follow.

*If she finds my blog and then tells me off for swearing I might be grounded. So if I vanish for a week at a time, that's why.

**You know what I mean.


tony h said...

Oh gawd, PC World! (shudders)

What are they like in your neck of the woods? Where I live they seem to be exclusively staffed by extras from "Dawn Of The Dead."

Me: I'm looking for a notebook, just something to do some basic word processing and accounts. Any suggestions?

Them: Braiiiiiiiiiins!!! Need braiiiiiiiiiiins!!!!!!!!

livesbythewoods said...

Heh, hi Tony. We didn't actually engage with any members of staff.

Some of the customers looked like extras from The Addams Family though.

The other customers, I mean. Not me and my Mum.