Saturday, 27 November 2010

Winter Fashions

This morning sees a blanket of snow across the WithaY estates, and prompts the question "Which of my many, many hats is most appropriate for venturing forth into the cold?"

Readers, I have thoughfully taken some photos of the various options.  The various options which happen to be at hand, I mean.  There are many other hats stashed in cupboards and in boxes under the bed which I can't be arsed to dig out.  Maybe another time, when I am very bored. 

1)  Sensible fleece headgear.  With earflaps.  Can be flung in the washing machine if, for example, a spaniel should happen to get hold of it and run around a muddy garden with it for a bit. 

Option 1 - Flaps down. 

And Option 2 - Flaps up.

Mmmmm. Versatile.  Also, does not blow off in the wind, thanks to sensible string-and-pulley system to strap it tightly under your chin(s).

2)  Less sensible velvet hat with huge bow on the front.  Warm and slightly bohemian, rubbish in the wet.

I like this one very much, although it does make old ladies shy away from me in fear, and dodgy buskers shout sexually-harrassing compliments at me.  Mind you, I am used to old ladies and dodgy buskers commenting freely on my appearance.  It seems to happen a lot. 

Hey, it's all good. 

3)  New woolly scarf/hat combination that Mr WithaY very kindly bought for me yesterday.  Apparently one of his colleagues' daughters (keep up) sometimes travels to India to fetch back locally-made goods to sell in the UK, to help support the villages where they are made. 

I think. 

Anyway.  It's green and very soft, and I am already rather taken with it.

It does make me look a bit like an extra from Lord of the Rings, though.  I'm too tall to be a hobbit, so maybe an elf who's let herself go a bit?

See?  You can imagine the pointy ears under there.  I could be one of the elves that has been asked to stand at the back and not say anything during the crowd scenes.

"Just keep quiet, and try not to embarrass Elrond.  Again.  And lay off the lembas."

4)  The Moose Hat.  We bought this in America this summer, in Maine.  Boothbay Harbor to be exact.  Ahh, happy memories.  Mr WithaY refused to wear it again after the first modelling session we had after purchase.  Shame on him, I say. 

It's surprisingly warm under there. 

Also, I like how my nose makes it look like he's sticking his tongue out.

I love winter. 

Oh yes - if it snows enough, we plan more snow animals.  Watch this space.


Mrs Jones said...

Ooh, a hat parade! What a jolly fine idea - I may nick it....

I vote the moose hat, of course. It would cheer up the commute no end.

B.E. Earl said...

I dig the hat/scarf combo thing. Must buy one for my Gia. Cool...

Isabella Golightly said...

I vote for the moose. What else could you wear on the train to London? I can just see the faces on the bowler hat wearers right now. Classic.

Doll said...

You are so pretty !! Really.. you look very charming !
I love the green Indian thing and the moose hat :)
btw, can you tell me where from India is the green one ? I am from India and would live to get one..... :)

badgerdaddy said...


livesbythewoods said...

Mrs Jones, by all means - just make sure you get your best side! of course ALL of the moose's sides are his best.

Earl, it's really warm. Plus I get to be an elf. Win.

Isabella, I haven't got the nerve to wear it to work. I wish, I really wish, I did.

Doll - thank you! I have no idea where the scarf came from, but apparently it's made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Badgerdaddy, same to you.