Sunday, 14 November 2010


Welcome to the inside of my head.

Today it has mostly been full of the echoing sounds of lung-searing coughs and whining. 

There has also been a bit of guitar music as I tried to master the intro to "Weather With You*" and gave up, moving onto the far simpler and more satisfying chord sequences of  "Nothing Else Matters**" segueing (sp?) into "Rocking in the Free World***" and "Your Decision****" by way of light relief. 

The day started early, when I woke up, coughed a bit, then gradually slid into the full heaving paroxym, ending with streaming eyes and panicked racing heartbeat, imagining I was about to die.  I didn't.  I expect you worked that out.

Mr WithaY went and made me a cup of fresh ginger, hot lemon and honey, which was great until you got to the last inch or so, which was startlingly fibrous.  Next time, I think we will deploy a sieve.  The reaminder of my morning was spent in bed, wheezing and watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine on tv, wearing what was effectively a bed jacket.  Ok, it was a really little cardigan/shrug thing, but by wearing it over my nightie I think it turned into a bed jacket. 

I was WORKING it, baby.  Working it like an OLD LADY.

Tomorrow is a bit of a big day.  We have a visit from Her Majesty's Finest***** to discuss the ongoing repercussions of the SSFH******, so there's a fairly high stress level chez WithaY today.   Once it's all sorted out, if it ever is, I think I will write a book about it all.  With a gritty dreary black and white photo on the front cover, and some quotes from Serious People saying how enthralling it is.

Once you get the cover sorted, the rest is easy. I expect.

People do judge a book by it, they say.  Need to get it right. 

*Crowded House
***Neil Young
****Alice in Chains.  The timing on that is a bugger, and as soon as I start to sing it, I lose the ability to play the chords.  Not that I was singing today, mind.
******Shit Storm From Hades


Isabella Golightly said...

Rots of Ruck with the SSFH, I've never had much to do with HMF, but imagine they must be better to deal with than our lot who are all descendants of convicts or bully-boy soldiers. I do have a limited imagination. Also, seeing as you have psychically given me the sprained ankle, I'm now begging if you can keep the black death over there. I'm well, just at the minute, and would like to keep it that way. Glad to hear Crowded House hit your musical vocab, have you heard much of Paul Kelly? Genius. Go on now, have a nap.

livesbythewoods said...

Isabella, thank you. It went as well as we'd hoped, and was actually rather positive. So, another step forwards.

The Black Lung, not the Black Death. *tch* I'm on drugs for it and allsorts now. It's great.

badgerdaddy said...

Have to say, Neil Finn is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen live. I always assumed there were other musicians on the CH albums, but he does it all, and wonderfully. Great musician. It's between him and Mike McReady from Pearl Jam for my favourite ever... Which leads me nicely into, have you heard PJ's version of Rockin' in the Free World? Bloody marvellous. If you put that into YouTube you might even be able to see the MTV awards one they did, with PJ doing the music and Neil Young singing.