Sunday, 20 December 2009

Setting up

So, we have a fishtank in the sitting room.  No fish yet, because the tank has to acclimate first, or they will die.  DIE! 

It took a fair old bit of setting up.

First we had to put the cabinet into position, with a layer of special squishy expanded polystyrene under it to protect from frost.  Or electric shocks.  Or maybe earth tremors.  I wasn't really listening at that point. 

Then the tank itself, carefully lowered into place by Mr WithaY and I, making sure it was level.  Mr WithaY's spirit level has been much in evidence this weekend.

Once the tank was satisfactorily in position, we added dirt and rocks.  Not just any old dirt and rocks though.  Special Fish Shop dirt and rocks.  Also a background, so the fish don't press their noses to the back of the tank and comment disparagingly on our choice of wallpaper.

After that, there was the artful placing of Big Rocks and Wood.  Again, specially bought from the Fish Shop (I have a feeling they are going to see a lot of us), then thoroughly scrubbed by Mr WithaY to ensure no fish-killing germs are left clinging to them.  He ignored my suggestion that we use bleach.

Once the dirt, gravel, rocks and wood were installed, we could add plants and water.  No fish though.  Not yet.

Hmmm, maybe a bit more water than that?

That's better. 

Now we have to wait for all the sediment to settle, the filter system to get going and the water temperature to get to the required level.  That will take about a week, and then we can add a few fish.

It's all very exciting.

Other news:   I still have a cough, but I feel much better than I did, so, all in all, an improvement.  It's been snowing here today for the first time, not much, but the roads are white.  I expect it will have vanished by morning.  I hope so, as we are driving down to visit my lovely Mum for the day, and driving all the way in snow would be a pain in the arse. 

Also, I made a huge lasagna for dinner tonight, which was bloody excellent.  I can't remember the last time I made one, and it was a very satisfying thing to do for an hour or so on a cold afternoon.  Plus we got a fab meal at the end of it. 


@eloh said...

So lately, I forget to sign can't comment if you don't sign in... but this doesn't hit me until I try.

So if I've already commented, pick one.

I read this post c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y- just awhile ago.

I'll be counting the days till the fish arrive... then I'll be sitting right here for a few pictures.

Just thought I'd let ya know.

Fresh or Salt?

Suddenly Fourty said...

I once owned and maintained a tropical fish aquarium (fresh) as a 12-year-old. I suddenly realise how silly it is to be a 40-year-old now and see the possibility of setting one up at home so daunting today. Perhaps the thing with age is that it makes you over-analyse stuff, whereas a 12-year-old would be a relatively blank slate as to just go out and do it.

I'll go out and do it... sometime.

UberGrumpy said...

OK, weird, but I like it

Middle Sis said...

That's my Sis...Weird, but I like her!

Much Love XXX

Mr Farty said...

Remember not to put the piranhas and guppies in the same tank and you're laughing.

And don't over-feed them.

livesbythewoods said...

Eloh, I do that all the time. You're not alone. We are very excited about the fish, which will be freshwater tropicals.

Suddenly, hello! Welcome. Go for it, it seems you're never too old to get a fishtank.

Uber, hello there. And thank you. Be prepared for many, many fish related updates over the next few weeks.

Middle Sis, hmmm, thank you. I think. x

livesbythewoods said...

Mr Farty....NO piranha! Ever! Mr WithaY has already lost one extremity this year.