Monday, 21 December 2009


It's snowing!  Hurrah!  We may have a white Christmas.

Spent today down at my lovely Mum's house, which was very pleasant, despite everyone still coughing.  We sounded like a Fourteenth Century peasant re-enactment group* as we walked through town, hacking and spluttering.  Also popped in and visited Youngest Sis and family, including their two new dogs, both mental Jack Russells, but very appealing with it.  

We chickened out and left Sussex a bit earlier than planned, as the weather was closing in.  I am jolly glad we did.  By the time we got to Southampton the rain had turned to sleet, by the time we left the M27 (look on a  map, American readers) it was snowing hard, and getting foggy.  Nice combination.    We arrived home about 6-ish, it kept snowing heavily for about three hours, and has settled.  Or "pitched" as the locals might say.  Well, the locals I worked with in Bath, anyway. 

If it freezes overnight it will be a bit hairy driving around tomorrow, but other than a trip to the supermarket for provisions, we are pretty much set now.  If it is still nice and snowy tomorrow, I suspect more snow animals could be in the offing.

I have not put a tree up this year.  We** got all the decorations down from the attic, and then decided neither of us really felt much like doing a tree, so we have put up a few little bits, and the rest is still in the box.  I might relent and put the tree up but if not, it doesn't matter.  We are spending Christmas at home, just the two of us, for I think the first time in 8 years, and as a result we are doing as we please. Which means being a bit lazy, it seems.

I might make some sausage rolls tomorrow.  I might not.  Ha! 

I like being a grown-up.

*Well, what I imagine such a group would sound like.  Singing Gaudete and spitting a lot.

**Mr WithaY did.  I don't do ladders due to my mighty bulk, and fear of falling.


Isabella Golightly said...

Grown-up Christmas envy abounds; Mr Golightly & I have had but one christmas to ourselves in our extended marriage (it only feels like 347 years, honest). Enjoy yourselves. I'd be doing cheese & vegemite on toast for dinner, if I could!

Spencer Hill said...

You are justified in your fear of falling. I have witnessed how you can emulate the effects of a fall from a three storey building whilst simply walking! Dr Gravity really IS your nemesis.

@eloh said...

It all sounds pretty darn good to me too.

The kids came up home yesterday and I had to do Christmas dinner on the fly and not even getting started till 11am. I was exhausted... only to be awoke at 2am by the leftover eating party in the kitchen. Then again at 9am (I was desperately trying to sleep in) my son woke to for his good byes as he must go back south for work. Almost daughter in law has a two week break from med school... but can't stay here at night if her mom knows she is home.

This young people stuff is just so far over my head... most days I don't even know what I think.

I had nailed a dirty sock to the wall and called it Christmas. All this festive crap just wears me out.

livesbythewoods said...

Isabella, I did consider making a light pasta dish for Christmas dinner, but in the end we decided on a huge turkey. Such traditionalists!

Spencer, you've picked me up off the floor more than once. We both know the evil that IS Doctor Gravity.

Eloh, however you choose to celebrate it, have a good one.