Friday, 17 July 2009

Walking back to happiness

So, the end of my first week back at work in ages. How do I feel? Just a bit tired, really, and that's perfectly copeable-with. I went up to London on Thursday, slept on the train on the way up, walked from Waterloo to Victoria in the sunshine, which felt like a bit of an achievement, and had a reasonable day trying to remember what it is exactly* they pay me for.

I'm still not a fan of the new flexi-desk arrangement. Disappointingly, this is not a series of special magical desks that you can bend and stretch to fit the number of people, like a special effect from a Harry Potter film.


It's a limited number of desks into which a larger number of people have to try and fit on any given day. Inevitably, there are people who get into work a little later, and then can't find anywhere to sit.

We have these little personal box thingies that we keep in our lockers that we carry around till we find an empty desk, then decant all our work rubbish all over it for the day. We look like squalid bag ladies (and bag men, I suppose) with all our worldy goods lugged from pillar to post each day.

I haven't seen some members of the team all week because I have no idea where they are sitting. We communicate via email, because people also forget to set up their phone to pick up their extension, and therefore can't take calls.

Ah, progress.

I look forward to it.

Other news: One of our mates came round last night for dinner, and we had a rather splendid time eating our own weight in roast pork, bought from the highly persuasive butcher we met at the Bath and West show earlier this year. He was right to brag about the quality of his meat, it was superb.

We also watched Tropic Thunder on DVD, which is very funny. Lots (and lots) of bad language, so not for everyone, but it still makes me laugh out loud in parts. And Tom Cruise is just inspired.

There's an extra on the DVD entitled "Blowing shit up". Says it all really. Check out the website, you can machine gun stuff with your mouse.

*Still struggling with that a bit, to be honest. It'll come back to me.

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