Friday, 3 July 2009

Sticky business

Ahhh, bliss. The sun has got his hat on, but it is a rain hat. Just in time for the weekend, obviously.

I am sitting here listening to some fool throwing bottles into the recycling bins. By the sound of it they are several hundred yards away and using a trebuchet.

What with that and the bin men yesterday, I am well on my way to recording a sound effects album called "Noisy Bastards Who Want To Wake You Up Nice And Early So You Don't Miss The Best Part Of The Day."

The "Lawnmower Chorus", coupled with the delightful "Tractor Serenade" makes for easy listening. I could add that.

And at this time of year we get the special summer festival version of "Combine Harvester - Extended Replay", as well, of course. Maybe as a bonus track. I could get The Wurzels to do a guest spot on there.

Amongst all the agricultural din, I heard a bird in the garden the other day that had clearly been competing with a car alarm. Which reminded me:

I read somewhere that birds in cities are getting louder, to compete with the other noise. I wonder if that means that when they migrate, they are the bird equivalent of loud tiresome tourists, shouting and gawping and getting in the way of all the other, quieter, permanent resident birds.

Tourist Bird 1: HEY! Look over here! They have berries on the trees! Get over here everyone! Hey! HEY!

Tourist Bird 2: Wow! Check it out! Hey! Guys! Over here! Berries! HEY!

Tourist Bird 3, 4, 5 etc: Hey! HEY! Hey! Berries! Hey! Hey! HEY!

Resident bird: (shaking his newspaper in stiff protest) Well really. *tch*

Why don't they show that on Springwatch?

Other news: BBC loses the plot. Or they have a disgruntled member of staff copy writing headlines on their website.



Mrs Jones said...

Noisy tourist birds. Genius.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

"Athletes stick to lucky underpants"?? Oh, the image that conjures is unbelievable. I was woken by a chorus of trash trucks with the symphony of crashes and beeps from the truck backing up. Don't they know I have the day off?

livesbythewoods said...

Mrs J, I like the grumpy resident bird best. In my head he looks like John Cleese.

Hello there Happy Hour, welcome! And I snorted out loud when I read that headline.

All loud vehicles should steer clear when people are sleeping, it's only polite.

@eloh said...

Most summer noise I can drown out with the air conditioner...but my neighborhood has "been under construction" now for over two years. Soon I'll have four duplexes next to me not to mention the hundreds of apartments just around the corner...time to move I think.

livesbythewoods said...

Again with the aircon! You're just showing off!

Time to move to a place with a nice garden you can sit in and watch the noisy tourist birds.

@eloh said...

You will be able to "pay me in kind" when the weather turns cold, as I have little or no heat and end of freezing my rear end off for a couple weeks every'd think I'd learn...just doesn't seem to make good economic sense to put in a heating system while living in Dante's' second level of hades.