Friday, 10 July 2009

Mock The Leek

Ah the joys of not sleeping. So, rather than going and doing something useful like...oh, I don't know...the ironing maybe, I am posting photos of Mystery Vegetables for you to identify for me.

We could have a competition maybe?

Name That Green. Now That's What I Call Greenery. Green Or No Green. I have a great format in my head, if only I could come up with a great title.

I might need to call the BBC with my ideas tomorrow.

Anyhoo. Picture 1, an arty leaf shot:


Picture 2, displaying the rhubarb-like stems:


Picture 3. Admire the mighty WithaY vegetable patch! Look upon our works of cultivation and despair, humanity!


The basil's still not dead, which I think is rather impressive.

Also, due to popular demand* I am posting up the photos of the Huge Fire we witnessed the other week.

Scene 1 was taken from inside the coffee shop, Scene 2 was taken from the steps outside the coffee shop. I was all set to run much closer and take Scene 3, but then my brain managed to finally make itself heard and stopped me from endangering my life.

Fire 2!


Other news: I am waiting expectantly for our new cleaning team to turn up. I have tidied up specially. When the lady from the agency came round to assess the house the other week, she said "Oh good - they like having to do houses with a bit of dust!"

I was mortified.

Also, am officially back at work today, although I suspect that the work will mostly consist of reassembling my laptop and trying to get back onto the work intranet and email system. I am going up to London on Monday which will be a bit of a big step, but hopefully it will be ok.

Aha. Domestic assistance has arrived. Marvellous. I'll go and put the kettle on.

Bah. Just noticed that this post has the time I started it at the bottom, ie late last night, rather than the time I actully posted it, ie at about 0900 today. If I were more technically competent (and could be arsed) I'd amend it, but sadly I will have to pretend I meant to do it this way.

Yes, I am a time traveller. I hope you're impressed.

*Youngest Sis was grumbling that she hadn't seen them.


Mrs Jones said...

Plant - have you tasted the leaves? If they taste like uncooked Bramley cooking apple then it's a sorrel. But it also looks a bit like a plant called Good King Henry (google for images and see if it matches). God only knows what that tastes like...

Z said...

I agree - I'd go for Good King Henry. That can be used as a substitute for spinach and I think it's perennial, but no idea if it's worth eating.

livesbythewoods said...

Mrs J, Z, thank you both for your helpful suggestions. I was hoping you'd comment!

I have gone back out and looked at the Mystery Plant and I don't think it is Good King Henry, though.

The leaves look different to the ones I found on a Google image search, so I wil have to wait and see if it produces any flowers.

My photos are not brilliant, I will take some more indoors and see if they are a bit more helpful.

Middle sis said...

I thought your mystery plant looked alota lota like sorrel, as for good king Henry.....didn't he have a beard?

Anonymous said...

It looks highly poisonous to me!