Thursday, 30 July 2009

Morning glory

I'm on the train heading into London for the third time this week, which is an encouraging step towards normality. There is a man asleep in the seat behind me, snoring in a loud and completely relaxed manner. The man sitting beside me keeps shaking his newspaper disapprovingly at the more penetrating grunts and snorts.

Like that'll help.

And the man sitting in front of me smells unpleasant. I am trying to ignore it, but every so often a waft drifts back. Is it pee? Feet? Dirty clothes? I can't decide.

Ah, commuting.

At least the sun's out this morning.

Other news: We watched Watchmen on DVD last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a few "look away" moments but I thought it was excellent.


Middle Sis said...

Watchmen? is that the new action movie about horologists?

livesbythewoods said...

Middle Sis, it's a 15 hour documentary about the effects of too much television on male laboratory volunteers.

Clarity said...

I thought it was a documentary on voyeuers.

Just meadered through your blog and glad we share some interests, namely Galaxy Quest, Tom Petty and ... Cake.

Speaking of which did you ever watch the episode of "Brass Eye" where they warned against "Cake on the streets"?

livesbythewoods said...

Hi Clarity, welcome! Tom Petty - brilliant. Galaxy Quest - superb. Cake - makes life worth living.