Saturday, 18 July 2009

Day of the Kraken

Once upon a time there was a small scientific outpost, manned only by a lonely botanist and agronomist, and her highly intelligent robot assistant. The robot was called Dewi, in a lame homage to "Silent Running".

01 - Scientists

The scientific outpost was dedicated to the development of giant fruits and vegetables, to try and stave off the world food shortage, and that.

They had had early, if moderate, success, and were quietly excited about their new Ultra Courgettes and the Really Giant Tomato. The scientific press was beginning to take an interest, and even politicians had been asking questions about the work being undertaken at this remote, coastal outpost.

03 - many giant veg

Yes, it was on the coast. Because of the prevailing wind. Or something.


One day as they were out conducting their scientific experiments, polishing the tomato and poking the courgette with a rake, a hideous tentacled creature from the deep emerged. It saw the giant fruits and vegetables, and it lusted after them with all the strength of its vile black heart.

04 - scout

The scientist and Dewi were too engrossed in their work to even see the creature, who sniggered to itself and slunk back into the sea to get some backup.

05 - Attack!

The scientist and the robot were taken entirely by surprise! They fought with all of their ability, but the wooden rake was no match for the mighty tentacles, and the robot was frankly crap in a fight.

06 - Aieee

07 - back to back

The hideous squid monsters simply battered the scientist and the robot, and wrapped their long rubbery tentacles around the giant vegetables, stealing them away to their homes under the ocean. Probably to make a nice salad.

08 - battle

09 - Spoils of war

The scientist and Dewi lay, dead, in the ruin of their dreams for a better, more fruity and vegetably world.

The evil squid monsters laughed amongst themselves, scuttling back home with their stolen spoils.

The bastards.

11 - carnage

The End.


Mrs Jones said...

You SEE - I ALWAYS told people not to trust anything with more than four legs, but would they listen to me? No, of course not. Now see what's happened. All we can do is eat more of them ..... mmmm ..... salt and pepper squid (drool)...

Peter said...

Fabulous. More of these please ;-)

livesbythewoods said...

Mrs Jones, you'll think twice before going for a paddle at West Wittering now, won't you?

Peter, I am an artiste! I have to work when the muse strikes me!

Spencer Hill said...

Please don't tell me you ate those things afterwards....Kraken and cheese....*shudder*.

Very creative indeed. Now make it into a stop motion animation and post it onto Youtube!

Caro said...

I LOVE it. Very funny and creative.

livesbythewoods said...

Spencer, there was an octopus salad involved, yes.

Caro, thank you!