Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Stormy Weather

It's like the Apocalypse outside. Howling winds, crashing rain, trees blowing wildly, the occasional car sploshing along the road. All the lights went out a while ago, plunging the entire village (as far as I could see, at least) into pitch darkness. Which was fun.

The darkness only lasted for about a minute, quite long enough for me to decide to go and light candles, and start cooking supper, in case it happened again. So far so good.

I bet something bizarre happens to the house while Mr WithaY is away. It usually does, usually involving the boiler.

We have had the old TV aerial taken off the chimney, so that no longer reverberates through the whole house every time we get a gust of wind.

I thought about lighting the fire this evening but I am rubbish at getting the bloody thing to stay lit. All those years in the Girl Guides and nothing to show for it, except the ability to remember all the words to "Singin' In The Rain*," and to weave stupid, temporary, flimsy, pointless campsite gadgets out of twigs and string.

I wasn't very good at being a Guide, really. Not a team player.

*Which at least has the virtue of being relevant this evening.


Anonymous said...

hey! you may not be able to light fires but boy! can you tie things together with hairy bailer twine! Be proud!
Middle sis X

livesbythewoods said...

Very true. And I know how to cover cooking pots with washing up liquid to make the food taste shite, and have no effect on the cleaning time afterwards.

Ah, happy days.