Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bizarre weather

This morning so far, we have had:

1) Light rain

2) Brilliant sunshine

3) Snow.

We have now got a light covering of snow all over everything*, rapidly melting in the pleasant warm sunshine.

In fact, there is steam coming up off the road, as I look out of the window. Positively tropical.

Other news: My back has moved from the "incredibly painful, waking me up when I turn over in bed" stage to the "unbelievably stiff, making me wince when I stand up or sit down" stage, which is a slight improvement.

*All over everything outside, obviously. Inside the house there is very little snow.


DickieD said...

we have also had this sunny, hail like snow.....Little sis said it is SNAIL. He HE

livesbythewoods said...

She nicked that from my blog. Pah.

Mr Farty said...

Oops. Seems like I've forgotten to keep up with your blog. Sorry to hear about your mum, but glad she is on the mend.

We used to have a box hedge. Hated it. Ripped out and replaced with a fence.

As for the bad back, I know that bed rest is no longer recommended. Case in point: last week, coworker K had a sore back, so he went for a lie down in the medical room at lunchtime. Mid-afternoon, someone finally heard his cries for help - he couldn't get up again. They took him out on a stretcher.

Toot toot!

Devon said...

It is in the 60s + here today (that's Farenheit on this side of the pond... let's see, that would be *thinks* (65-32) * 5/9 = 18 degrees Centigrade). Of course, it's supposed to hit freezing tonight and snow. Go figure.

livesbythewoods said...

Mr F, thank you, it has all been very worrying and upsetting, but things seem to be improving, thankfully.

Why did you hate the box fence? Was it too big? I am still trying to decide how to go with our garden, so advice is welcome.

I had to keep making myself get up and walk around the office yesterday, limping for the first few yards like a wounded cowboy.

Devon! Hello stranger! And that really does sound like bizarre weather. Glad you're still able to provide some rocket science credibility to the blog though.