Thursday, 26 March 2009

Paint it black

If I was his parents I think I'd have got him to come back from his trip to Brazil to clean this off. Probably why he went there in the first place.

Other news: Another glorious day! Hurrah! I have been stuck in my home office* but have looked out of the window at regular intervals.

Went to the village hall last night to watch Mr WithaY give his Talk On Sharks. It was very good, despite having heard him Talk About Sharks a lot in the last 2 years, I learned a lot.

The talk, sorry, The Talk, went on for about an hour and then we all had a ploughman's supper**. Mr WithaY celebrated by going to the pub for a pint, possibly to talk about sharks again for a bit to those people who had missed The Talk.

Also, had a guitar lesson last night after a hiatus of a few weeks, for one reason and another. Was excellent. Really good. I have not felt much like playing or singing for the last couple of months, and last night it all came together, and sounded really good. I even managed the riff in "Simple Kind of Man" whilst also playing rhythm guitar and singing. I slightly spoiled the overall "Cool Muso" effect by yelping with excitement afterwards, but I reckon I can control that if I practice enough.

Plans for this evening include ironing some smart-ish non-suit trousers, as I am up to London tomorrow for a team training event. What's the dress code? Is it casual? We're going out for a drink afterwards, so maybe. But there's a guest speaker coming along, so perhaps it needs to be formal?

Gah, fuck knows.

Normal work days I can dress for with no problem, this kind of thing does my head in.

Not looking forward to the journey home afterwards, I bet the trains will be packed like, well, trains.

*Teeny spare bedroom full of guitars and computers.

**Like a ploughman's lunch but you eat it at suppertime.


Mr Farty said...

Damn, the first time I read this I thought it said "steam training event". Steam trains are great, if smelly. Team training, not so great.

Good luck anyway.

livesbythewoods said...

Steam training would be much more fun. Especially if we all had those whistles.