Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hair today

So, the new haircut still looks fab.



Check out the complex layers and added bounce and curl. Marvellous. And this is after I have washed and dried it myself a few times. This is a cut that will last me a while, I think.

Good job, really, as I can't afford to go back for another 3 months.


justme said...

A good haircut is a wonderful thing! It looks great. And no matter HOW expensive, if you think that you wear your hair everyday, compared to the price of clothes that you wear now and then....well! Its a bargain really!

livesbythewoods said...

Very true, and thank you!

a person said...

Hello. No offence, but you look really lovely. Never mind the haircut (which is just grand, obviously) - but crikey, what a happily attractive human being you seem to be. It's weird, because I can no longer remember how I pictured you in my mind since first seeing this photo.

Anyway, I've just been catching up with your blog (again) and the image of you swinging your arms like Kevin the Teenager is funny. Sorry. I know you were feeling rubbish at the time, but this is just funny. You know I'm right.

But I'm mainly here to say that it's good that your mum is home and that things seem to be going reasonably well. Also good that Mr You got himself back from Wales. Not a moment too soon, by the sound of things.

I hope things start to feel clearer and more manageable and generally, you know, just better. It's least you deserve, I'd say.

Take it easy.

livesbythewoods said...

Hello mysterious A Person, and thank you for your very charming comment.

Things have improved significantly since the arm-swinging evening, thankfully.