Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I have a chest infection.


I went to the doctor today as I have been coughing more and more since Saturday. He listened to my chest, and said I was rattling. Ugh. I have a week's worth of antibiotics and some really horrible cough medicine.

One amusing thing. It wasn;t my usual doctor, and as he looked at my records on the computer, he seemed puzzled.

Doctor: Have you ever been much (pause) heavier than you are now?

Me: Um, no, I think this is about as fat as I've ever been*. Why do you ask?

Doctor: Well, according to your records, you weigh 245 Kg. How tall are you?

Me: Five foot ten.

Doctor: That gives you a body mass index of about 75. (Looks at me again) Hmm, that can't be right.

He then insisted on weighing me, just to make sure I didn't in fact weigh as much as a small bus.

So. Even a trained medical professional had to check that I am not quite so huge that walls would need to be demolished to get me out of his office. Gah.

*Thanks for asking you git


Mr Farty said...

I wasn't going to ask. A couple of months ago I was told - by a health professional - that I was borderline obese. I can't claim I'm underheight as I'm six feet tall. I really should diet but those roast chicken crisps look tempting...

75 though, that makes me feel a lot slimmer. Nom nom nom.

livesbythewoods said...

He was a great doctor, I lost a shedload of weight in just one visit.