Tuesday, 28 October 2008


This week I have mostly been learning about transport around London. I found out how to check how much credit is on my Oyster card*, how to get a seat on the Tube**, and how to get to the front of the queue on the escalator***.

It's been a week of making learning fun.

I stayed at Middle Sis's house on Monday night, which was nice, although I was so knackered that I went to bed before the children did. How sad and old am I, eh?

Due to my stupid initial "being flexible" approach, I have to go into the office on Wednesday (ie tomorrow), making it 3 days in a row in town. Gah. Still, I have now blanked out Wednesdays and Fridays on my calendar and told people I am not in London on those days. I will probably end up having a reputation as an awkward old bag, but hey, I'll get to do my 2 days a week working at home, which was one of the provisos of me taking the job in the first place.

Other news: Went to see my gorgeous guitar teacher's band at the weekend, which was entertaining. On Saturday I went with Bestest Mate to Shaftesbury where we wandered about admiring the surreal shop window displays.

My favourite was the one which had two mannequins with hilariously poor Beatles wigs and guitars, and a series of round flat black plates (I think) with home-made labels on them saying things like "Penny Lane", (had a penny taped to the label), "Love Me Do" (had a load of glittery hearts scattered around) and various others, all in slightly different fonts and layouts. It was like an episode of Father Ted.

Somebody wants to win a prize.

Also, my mate Andy was here this evening for a flying visit, and brought his guitar, so we had a bit of a jam together. Was marvellous. He is really good, and can sing so we did a few songs together that sounded really nice. Unfortunately I am still coughing too much to sing decently, but it was nice to see him and have a go.

Had a message on the answerphone from Mr WithaY in Mexico. He sounds well, and it was lovely to hear his voice. I am pining a bit, it has to be said. What a sap I am.

Right. It's after 10...I need to go to bed or I won't be able to leap out of bed at 0600 with a song in my heart and a smile on my lips. Gah.

*the internet, obviously
**Cough and glare like a madwoman
***shove and barge, and cough as if you are dying of TB


Z said...

Your credit also flashes up when you touch in on the Tube, though I usually forget to notice.

6 am when it's nearly November is not really morning, is it?

livesbythewoods said...

Z, I spotted that last night but forgot all about it!

I have decided to try and catch the earlier train from now on, as I am not getting into the office until amost 10am when the train is slow (like it was today), which is ridiculous. So I'll be getting up even earlier. Gah.

Jon said...

I just tried to check the balance on my Oyster card using the internet.

Apparently I don't have an Oyster card.

True. But not the point.

Internet = rubbish

livesbythewoods said...

Jon, UR doin it rong

The Grocer said...

You Southerners, a card exclusively for oysters, dont you know tehre's a credit crunch on.

livesbythewoods said...

Mr Grocer, I keep my Oyster Card next to my Lobster Wallet, in the Bollinger Bassinet. Makes finding things so much easier.