Saturday, 6 October 2007

Why is it...

...that the day you have booked an appointment to go and get your hair cut, you wake up and it looks fantastic? Better than it has for weeks, possibly ever before in your life.

For no apparent reason.

Anyway, off to town later to get it done, and hopefully get in to see "Run Fat Boy, Run" at the pictures afterwards.

Been faffing about on Facebook today. Lordy it's a timewaster.

However, it has reunited me with a great mate from when I was at school (hello Paul the Evil Barbarian), allows me to keep in touch with my lovely ex-reenactment mates who otherwise I would hardly ever get a chance to speak to, and find out when Spencer is going to be heaving-to so we can go and admire his mighty craft. Yarrr.

Have also been a domestic goddess this morning and done the ironing, cooked a HUGE breakfast and sorted out my finances*. Mr WithaY was up at the crack of dawn to go stalking so I did a monster fatboy brunch when he got home. No venison, but there was black pudding involvement.

My original plan was that it would see us through till suppertime but I am starving now. Might go and have some toast or something before we go out.

Had a text from a mate yesterday. He's been dreaming about my blog being made into a film, involving Robbie Williams.

Several points came to mind after reading his message:

1) If I am to be dreamed about, please try to make it either erotic or amusing, not just bizarre. Cuh.

2) If this was a film it would be far too long, extremely dull and have no point. Plus I want Catherine Zeta Jones to play me and I bet she'd be busy. The music would be good though.

3) Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams? Why? As what? I mean, sheesh. No. It's just WRONG.

No sign of the frog/toad today, by the way. Saw a wren though, which was lovely.

*paid some bills, rather than "sorted out" and magically became solvent


BEAST said...

I had a rather unpleasant frog related incident the other evening.
Your post has brought it all back in glorious technicolour.

It was raining .
I scampered accross my patio in the gathering twighlight to retrieve something from the shed.
I stamped on a frog , that was lurking , minding its own business in the dark. I skidded across the patio and nearly broke my neck.
The frog did not survive.
I had to scrape its remains off my trainer sole while contemplating the probable damage to my karma balance .Another dead thing to pay for..... I am doomed.
But you all have a nice weekend :-)

livesbythewoods said...

Oh that a new extreme sport down your way? Frog skating?

Don't have nightmares.