Thursday, 4 October 2007


Gosh, I've been lax not posting since Monday.

Sadly it's not been because of all the fantastic interesting stuff going on in my life. I have been pretty busy though.

Tuesday night was a guitar lesson. I am learning to play the intro to "Stairway to Heaven". My longtime fantasy of being flung out of a guitar shop on my ear draws ever closer.

Got hold of Kevin the Decorator's dad to ask when he was coming to sort out our downstairs loo. We have some American mates coming to stay in a few weeks so I want it done either before they come over or after they've gone. Not while they're here. That would be a bit crap, frankly.

Mr WithaY and the American mates are then off to France to see Motherinlaw WithaY (I have to stay here for work, long sad story), so maybe it could be done that week. It depends when Kevin the Decorator is available.

In case you were thinking how feeble and rubbish we are for not decorating it ourselves, in our defence, it will involve some fairly significant restructuring, pipes removed, walls cladding, shelves building. Not just slapping a bit of emulsion over the walls.

Plus we hate decorating.

Wednesday I was off to Bristol for work. On the train. Startlingly, it was a straightforward and comparatively uneventful trip. I spotted (in no particular order):

Roe deer
Pheasants (ordinary and white)
Magpies (bloody loads)
A rat
A jay

Out of the windows. Not on the train with me, I mean. (That list would be much shorter: Students, more students, old lady, wasp, scary bald man).

On the way there we passed a field with a horse in it, eating a big pile of stuff off the ground. Grain, I suppose. Perhaps oats. Or pony nuts. Could have been spaghetti carbonara for all I know. I don't understand horses.

Anyway, there he was, head down, hoovering it up.

On the way home, same field, horse now in a different corner, mooching about. The much smaller pile of food was now entirely surrounded by rabbits, about 20 of them, with loads more running in at all angles from the hedges. It was like that episode of Father Ted. The one where Dougal's rabbit Sampras mysteriously produces hundreds more rabbits while Bishop Brennan is visiting.

There was a complete twat who was listening to music on his iPod so loudly that I could hear it through his headphones, through my headphones and over the top of Eric Clapton. I hope he gets runny ear scabs.

Went out with my Evil Twin Lucy last night for a Thai meal. We haven't seen each other for ages so it was great to catch up.

When we worked in the same building it used to make for some entertaining conversations. One day we were both sat in my office (talking about work, employment police), and a colleague stopped in the doorway.

Colleague: Lucy?

Me and Evil Twin (together): Yes?

Colleague: No, sorry, tall Lucy.

Me and Evil Twin (together): Yes?

Colleague: Um...(pointing) That Lucy.

I told him, specify blonde or brunette, we're colour coded for convenience.

Anyway, we ate a ton of lovely food in an almost empty restaurant and talked for ages, and it was very enjoyable.

Got our mate Owen coming over for dinner tonight. What a sociable week. No wonder I'm knackered.

Ah well, keeps me off the streets.


rivergirlie said...

hmmm - i think our definitions of 'slack' are diverging. that all sounds worrying productive to me.

livesbythewoods said...

Well, yeah, but it meant the old blog got sadly neglected for a few days.

And we all know that the blog is the only really important thing in our lives, don't we?

Or is that just me?

rivergirlie said...

no - you're absolutely right about that. everything else can go hang!