Thursday, 25 October 2007


Been to see Stardust today. It bears an intermittent and passing resemblance to the book, but it's lovely nonetheless. Robert de Niro* was entertaining, especially.

And at the end, the whole cinema went "Awwww" which was nice.

Spent a happy hour or so in Salisbury, buying a variety of exotic stuff** for the weekend. Am getting very excited about our friends turning up tomorrow.

Also found a few bits and bobs for the downstairs loo. It looks great. Kevin the Decorator deserves some kind of medal for services to the incompetent people of West Wiltshire. The whole downstairs feels different now. Cleaner for a start.

I found stuff in there in various boxes that I think we moved house with, almost 6 years ago. And if we haven't needed it in 6 years, I think we can live without it now. Mr WithaY feels differently, however. So we have a big box of stuff in the garage to be sorted out at a later date "in case we need it".

One thing made me laugh while I was in the butcher's in Salisbury. There were two or three young chaps serving at the front of the shop, chopping up meat, making sausages, selling chicken etc, and an older one out the back, doing something mysterious with a cleaver or meat hammer or something.

There was a loud "whack" noise, and an anguished cry of "Ow fucking hell!"

After a few minutes of frantic whispering, he stuck his head round the partition and apologised to me for his language. I said it was no problem.

"I'm very sorry" he said. "But it really, really hurt". I could hear one of the younger lads in the background: "Cor, it's really swelling up now..."

I wonder what he'd hit.

* Like an idiot I had put Al Pacino....thank goodness Mr WIthaY pointed it out before you noticed. Oh bollocks.
**Food, mostly


B.E. Earl said...


Huge fan of Neil Gaiman...I've read just about everything he has written.

Except for Stardust, so I must get on that. Actually re-reading American Gods the past few nights. Great book! Much better than the follow-up Anansi Boys.

I'm trying to get my nephew into the Sandman comic books, but he is resisting me at every attempt. Kids!

livesbythewoods said...

Hey hello Me Earl. Nice to see you here.

Likewise...I think Mr Gaiman is brilliant. The Sandman stuff scared me witless (to put it politely) but I love his books.

Start the nephew off with Pat Mills and Simon Bisley's Slaine series and then quickly slide Sandman under his nose.

livesbythewoods said...

By Me Earl, I meant Mr Earl. Sozz. Bit pissed. Heh.

tony h said...

Neil Gaiman is brilliant! Have you read Coraline? Lovely book.

They are making a film of it and the poster is a thing of beauty. Look Coraline up on the internet movie database to see it.

livesbythewoods said...

Hi Tony, yeah, read and loved Coraline. Not been able to look at buttons in the same way again though.