Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Stale custom

Gah I'm bored.  Bored bored bored. 

Being unable to drive or move around much is really dull.  Who'd have imagined it, eh? 

Even my longstanding love affair with the Internet has worn thin...custom has staled its infinite variety, and laughing at cats with things on their heads no longer seems to be enough.  I never thought this day would come.

It's like the end of something beautiful, it really is.  Well, till tomorrow when I will find it all hilarious again.

The highlight of my day today?  Making some redcurrant jelly, using the entire crop from our garden.  Mr WithaY harvested the berries yesterday, I boiled them for about 20 minutes in water till they were all squishy, then we set up a complex arrangement of upturned chairs, elastic bands, muslin cloths and a huge bowl, and left them to drip overnight. 

I did my cooking bit whilst standing on one leg, leaning on the cooker or the kitchen counters, in case you were wondering. 

Today I carefully measured the amount of juice (half a pint), added the appropriate amount of sugar (half a pound) and boiled it till I got bored (about 12 minutes).   

Hey presto, a really small amount of redcurrant jelly. 

Other news:  Bugger all.  My ankle really hurts, I can't stand on it for any length of time, and getting up and down the stairs is a trial. 

We dog sat yesterday for some friends, well for their dog, really, who was charming and well behaved.  Other than the whole "stealing a shoe and running up the garden with it" incident, that is.  But, it was an isolated outbreak and we made him sit in the garden afterwards and think about what he'd done.  That'll learn him.

Bestest Mate is coming to visit tomorrow; he is threatening to take me to Casualty in Salisbury and make a scene until I get crutches and/or an X-ray.  I will distract him with tea and chit-chat. 

We have decided that we are officially old now.  We had a chat about the best places to buy walking sticks last time we spoke on the phone.  Maybe we'll go shopping tomorrow.  I can sit in the car while he checks out the best stick bargains.

I can't wait.


The Divorcee said...

I am so sorry to hear about your ankle- the chap broke his over Christmas a few years back and I know how restrictive and painful it can be. So hats off for the jam- we went to a PYO last weekend with grand visions for making lots of lovely jams etc. Except it was as if there'd been an apocalypse we'd missed and I kid you not NOTHING whatsoever to pick. Lots of bemused searching to no avail. Still, it got us out of the house.

Small Town Girl said...

Ha ha !
I like your sense of humor :)
Darling, sorry to say but if a swelling goes that long, it is definitely a fracture.
Get yourself mummified on the ankle.... Will take some time but you should be as good as new.

Also, wanted to know how did you trigger ur weight loss to begin with ?

I am trying desperately but not going anywhere much :((
Plssssssssssss advise...

Middle Sis said...


Take a drink and a book and something to nibble on. You always have to wait in A&E, it's part of growing up and being British.

If you're really bored I can arrange for Mr. Middle Sis to come and amuse you. He'll really like that.

Hugs xxxxxx

livesbythewoods said...

The Divorcee - hello! Welcome. And yes, it's a pain in the arse, frankly, as well as in the ankle.

I think Post-Apocalyptic Pick Your Own is a great name for a band, by the way.

STG - I have a nasty feeling you're right, although I haven't had the X-ray results yet. The weight loss is being done by going to a slimming group and trying to stick to the plan.

Middle Sis - yes yes yes. *tch* You're such a health professional, you.