Saturday, 24 July 2010

Nantucket - The Fracturing

Soooo you know this sprained ankle I got on holiday?  When I fell over like a fool in Nantucket? 

Yeah, you remember. 

Anyway, it's been two weeks since the whole pothole of DOOOOOOM incident, and although the swelling has gone down a bit and the bruising has faded, it still hurts like billy-oh.  I rang the doctor's surgery on Monday to ask advice from the nurse there, who gave me some good advice (don't walk on it) and made me a conditional appointment to see the doctor on Friday if it was no better.

It was no better.

Mr WithaY came home from work early and drove me to the doctor, and dropped me off in the carpark outside, so I only had to hobble a few yards.  Once the traditional "awkward wait whilst chatting to people who might be horribly contagious" was over, I limped into the doctor's office.  Usually when I go to see my doctor it's because I have a chest infection, I am fortunate that very little else seems to go wrong with me*.   

He asked me what seemed to be the trouble, having watched me limp in slowly and painfully. I was tempted to say "My nose really hurts," but thought better of it.  I explained what had happened and unstrapped my ankle from the amazing neoprene and velcro techno-bandage I bought in America to show him the hideous offender.

He said "Hm, probably some nasty ligament damage.  I'll have a feel about.**"  A few moments of poking the soft tissue around my anklebone, asking "Does this hurt?  How about now?"  and me going "Nu-uh, nope, nothing," followed.

He looked at me.  I looked at him.  He poked my anke bone.  I yelped and went through the roof. 

"Ah," he said.  "That's probably a fracture, or a bone chip.  You need an X-ray so we can see how bad it is.  I'll refer you."

Well, to be honest, he first offered me the option of a "walk-in" at the big hospital in Bath, but as my gorgeous guitar teacher recently had 5 days of hell on toast in there with a broken AND dislocated ankle***, I declined.  I'll wait for an appointment at the local fracture clinic, which should come up in the next few days. 

So.  Still all strapped up.  Still not started my new job.  Still can't walk anywhere.  Still can't drive.  Unable to do much around the house, so even domestic drudgery displacement activity is out, I am getting bored. 

Suggestions for entertainment, please.

*Apart from the occasional violent bout of norovirus, which is frankly gross and terrifying

**Oo-er missus

***Playing cricket.  Honestly. 

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