Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dress code

I'm still in America. STILL. It's the Fourth of July, boiling hot, and there are chipmunks everywhere.

We went to the Chatham parade yesterday, which I enjoyed despite the absence of Shriners. Afterwards, a proper family barbecue with beer and hot dogs and cookies with the family of our lovely hostess here. It was great.

Today we are mostly sitting indoors with the blinds down as it is rather like walking about on the surface of the sun outside. I sauntered up to the library, which is closed, but I have a seat in the shade and am using their WiFi anyway. I'm currently trying to find the energy to saunter the 20 yards back, what with the heat and all.

A nice lady came over to drop some books back, and said "Oh I love your dress! It looks so cool. And comfortable." This is the dress I seldom wear any more, not after a Turkish waitir exclaimed in delight, "Hello again! And you have baby!" at me when I walked into his restaurant on holiday wearing it.

But it is comfortable.

Happy birthday, America. I'm enjoying visiting you.

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