Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Moose cookies

The visas have just arrived!  Hurrah! 

We have our passports back, with rather handsome US visas laminated into them.  It says the visa lasts for ten years, so I assume when I renew my passport next year I can just take the old one with me to show Customs, or Immigration, or Homeland Security, or Michael Moore, or the CIA or whoever that I have jumped through all the requisite Embassy hoops.

Flaming hoops.  With broken glass around the edges.  And a big tank full of flesh-stripping leeches underneath.  Yeah, that's how it felt. 

I'm going to buy myself a new suitcase this weekend.  We'd put all the holiday plans on hold after we discovered we needed visas*, so I feel like I can start looking forward to going now. 

We need to book a hire car to get us around New England.  We fly into Boston, home of the most mental traffic system ever, and stay in a hotel there for a few nights, then we're off to New Hampshire, Maine and Cape Cod to see various lovely mates.  There is also, hopefully, going to be a boat trip to Nantucket to see the whaling museum. 

We went to Nantucket before, but the museum was shut for the summer, which the woman who sold us the boat tickets "forgot" to mention, so we spent a wet, warm day mostly sitting in cafes, or peeking through the windows of expensive antiques shops.  This year, though, we are determined to see the harpoons. 

We're also going to go to the LL Bean store.  Last time we went there we bought a smoker.

And a moose-shaped cookie cutter.  I might make some moose cookies at the weekend. 

I'm all excited now.  We're going on holiday.

*Yeah, Shitstorm from Hades, you guessed it


badgerdaddy said...

Awesome, I would love to go to the whaling museum. I think Nathaniel Philbrick is something to do with the museum – I'm about to read his second book. Have you read In The Heart of the Sea?

Middle Sis said...

Hurrah, Hurrah! I am so excited for you. Have buying holiday stuff for your new streamlined look. (if you need help carrying your bags, give us a ring>)