Sunday, 2 May 2010


Mr WithaY is back, safe and sound, thankfully.  He is still exhausted after two weeks of late nights and early mornings, but is very glad to be home.  Of course, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, as it's a Bank Holiday weekend, but other than a bit of gardening we had no real plans.  There is the possibility of a trip to Salisbury to see Iron man 2 tomorrow, but we'll see how we both feel.

I have developed a hacking cough, which is nice.  Well, it must be almost three months since my last chest infection sort of almost cleared up, so I am obviously due another one.  Gah.

The Black Lung tends to appear when I am stressed, I assume that my resistence is lower or something.  Whatever the reason, it is a mighty pain in the hole*. 

On his triumphant return yesterday, Mr WithaY and I decided to go out for dinner with some friends.  We went into town and tried out a pub which has fairly recently changed hands, and has a good reputation for food.  Well, all I can say is, it is a thoroughly well-deserved reputation. 

There were four of us, and we had three courses each, two bottles of wine (between us, not each) plus a round of drinks at the bar, and it came to about £30 a head.  The food was superb.

I had a starter of grilled goats cheese with caramelised pears, chutney and salad, which was utterly delicious.  My main course was a steak with perfect, handcut chips, mushrooms, home-made onion rings and a fondant tomato.  Nom nom nom.

But, the piece de resistance for me was the pudding.  Check this out:

It's a honey and lemon posset, with home-made shortbread.  Mr WithaY chose it, and it was fab.  This was mine:

Chocolate torte with a little sort of mini-tiramisu on the side.  Forgive the rather grainy pics, I took them on my phone in low light.

Other news:  Still (mostly) doing ok with the new eating regime.  Lost another 3 pounds last week, making a total of 13 pounds in 11 weeks.  I am happy with it.  Not sure how it'll be this week, after last night's meal, but hey.  It was worth it. 

*The lung hole


Anonymous said...

Think on the bright side ... if the weather had been good this weekend, MrWithaY would probably be in A&E right now!
Those puddings look soooooo good!

livesbythewoods said...

Dragondays, that is very true. Sadly, we were at the hospital a lot, but for once not because we'd been lopping bits off ourselves by accident.