Friday, 16 April 2010

Sheesh, kebabs

You know trains?  You know how they can be a bit, well, not to put too fine a point on it, stinky?

Quite aside from the stale air, massed humanity, dirty upholstery and lord knows what being trodden into the floor, I discovered another offender.


Yes, you heard me.  Keeee-babs.

This epicure was tucking into one on the train home last night.  He was having a high old time, picking out every scrap of salad, or anything that might contain a vitamin and casting it aside, alternating with dangling long floppity dripping shreds of meat (origin unknown) into his gaping maw.

Pasties, I can tolerate, although the smell makes me hungry.  Chips, the same.  Pizza, burgers and now added to the list, kebabs, no.  Just, no.

If you want to eat that stuff, at least have the decency to sit in the "restaurant" where they shovel it into the customers.  Failing that, sit on a bench at the bus stop outside and lap it out of the styrofoam bucket.  Don't get into a train where all the doors and windows are closed for fucking hours on end and pollute the entire carriage with your greasy stench.  You bastards.

I think I'd almost prefer people to be smoking.

Talking of food, well, sort of, I had a slight setback at my slimming group this week.  Despite having been mostly good, I put ON 4.5lbs.  I mean, wtf?  Heavier clothes? Lead earrings? Diving boots?  Gah.   Still, I am half a stone lighter than I was at the start, so I am not giving way to despair.

Our group leader was giving out some salad recipes for us to try, and told us we ought to try "mango towt".  I had to read the list of ingredients before I worked out she meant mange tout.  Bless.

Other news:  Met up with my mate Spence last night for a meal after work, which was very pleasant.  We were discussing money-making schemes using our combined talents of blogging and cartooning. 


Hey, it might catch on.


@eloh said...

I've been thinking of doing a similar endeavor... to learn to use the camera and such... thought I'd entertain on the blog... or start up a new one just for stupid pictures...
I've been buying up off price supplies of old Easter candy to star in my show...

I like your train stories...

livesbythewoods said...

eloh - do it! I find my sneaky photography on the train is a useful way to make an otherwise tedious journey less tedious.

Of course, the end result is tedious train pictures on the blog, but hey.