Thursday, 8 April 2010

Spring fever continues

Continuing the hippy dippy Spring theme, here are some more pictures of flowers.  God, I'm such a big girl.  I know.


These are some hyacinths I planted a while back, from a pack of about 100 bulbs from Homebase or some such non-specialist shop.  They smell wonderful.

Next to them are some cute white crocuses, from the same mega-pack of bulbs.

They don't have a strong fragrance but they are very pretty.  Plus I got to use the funky techno MACRO setting on my camera.  So it's a technically more interesting photo.  Honest. 

This is a rather nice shot of the planter with all the bulbs in it, lit up in the sunshine. 

We've had some unexpected snakes head fritilleries (Is that the correct spelling? I have no idea, any botanists in the audience please advise) make an appearance.  I planted bulbs a few years ago, we had a few grow that spring, then nothing more till now.

They don't look quite real somehow.  Maybe that's the macro setting.

We've also got a few primroses in the lawn.  Mr WithaY is planning to get the Mower of Doom out this weekend, and will have to take care not to mince them to bits.  And not to mince any more of his fingers, of course.  Last year involved more than enough panic-stricken dashes to hospitals, so no more of those thanks.

Other news:  I was genuinely delighted that Dhruv won the Masterchef final.  His food sounded appealing, it was beautiful to look at, and if he opens a restaurant I think I'd like to go and eat there.  There was a spontaneous round of applause in the WithaY sitting room when the winner was announced, such was the level of excitement here.

Lordy I'm old.

Ooh, almost forgot.  Have lost another 2.5 lbs, making a grand total of 11.5 over the last 8 weeks.  Yay me. 

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