Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mystery Train

I'm on my way to Southampton. I'm supposed to be going to London. Somebody has managed to crash their car off a bridge, get hit by a train, and block the railway line serving much of the West of England.

I hope they're all ok of course. But I also hope they get scraped off the line before it's time for me to go home tonight. I will be at least 45 minutes late for work, my meeting with our project manager will be missed and I will have to reschedule it. Gah.

Plus I get to spend much longer crammed into a seat that prevents me from stretching my legs. What a fantastic start to the day.

Still, it beats being hit by a train.

Update: Coach Six on the train are having a great time. Their engine has failed so they have a two hour journey ahead of them with no lights. Or heating. I just laughed out loud when they made that announcement so now everyone else in this carriage thinks I'm a heartless evil sadist.


Dan. said...

Well I had to spend all day sitting in court, waiting to be a witness in a fraud case. Then before I am due to give my "You can't handle the truth!" speech, the fella pleads guilty, robbing me of my moment.

I'm liking the blog, so I have decided to stay if that's OK? Can’t seem to be able to access the link to do so, don't know if that has been a problem?

Hope your day gets better, and look forward to reading if it does.

livesbythewoods said...

Hello Dan! Welcome, thank you, I like your blog too.

Being a potential trial-busting witness in court sounds a lot more fun than having an extra 40 minutes on the train, frankly.