Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Final Frontier

I fear that Mr WithaY is in the grip of a strange and terrible addiction. Not drink. Not drugs. Not even sea fishing.

No, this is an addiction more terrible even than those.

He is carving vegetables like a man possessed. Look:


He's made a Spaceship. Out of a squash, mostly. It has chili legs, with little carrot footcups*, wings made of cardboard (so possibly an entry in the Office Stationery category of the Village Fete?) and engines made of champagne corks.

My personal favourite is the teeny alien pilot, made of a chili and some cloves.


It's mighty impressive, especially when viewed from the "Please spare our lives, o mighty alien overlords" position:

spaceship from below

I was preparing supper last night, and listening out for my gorgeous guitar teacher, and Mr WithaY was pottering about near the vegetable rack. I went to have my guitar lesson, and an hour later, bam! There it was, on the side, looking tremendous.

*thanks to Futurama for teaching me the appropriate name for those.


Peter said...

Masterful. Particularly like the shadow on picture one.

livesbythewoods said...

Peter, I like that too! I only spotted it after I took the picture, but it works really well.

I just hope our new Chili and Clove alien overlords are pleased with it.

Mr London Street said...

Anything that gives you an excuse to pop champagne corks cannot be all bad.

livesbythewoods said...

Mr Street, hello! Yes, very true. Sadly these ones came from the Cork Bag of Shame that we have been filling for months.

With corks, I mean.