Friday, 4 September 2009

Picture this

I've given up on Photobucket, pile of crap that it is.

Every time I use it it slows my PC waaaaay down to below Impulse Speed, and then smugly crashes Windows entirely after about 3 photos have been uploaded and/or edited edited. Far too tiresome to tolerate.

So. Flickr. I hear good things about it.

Let's see.

Hmmm, ok, created an account, successfully uploaded some photos....

cakes! 011
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Aha! The cupcakes I made the other weekend...yes, they look ok. Don't look directly at the scones though, your eyes will bleed.

I wonder if I can add more pictures to this post? Bear with me...

cakes! 005
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O-kay...there is the mixture for our Christmas cake, as created by Mr WithaY last weekend. Please note the spoon standing up in it. This was prior to having to move it across to the preserving pan, mind.

It's a bit tedious though, I have to publish each picture to a blog post and then copy it back into this one. That can't be right, surely? Anyone know how to post multiple photos into the same blog post?

Answers on a postcard, or in the comments section would be most welcome.

cakes! 012
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And here's the finished cake, ready to be wrapped up and stashed away for three months, only to be revealed to the daylight for a feed of brandy now and again. And, as I said before, that doesn't sound like a bad life to me.

Right, let's see how this looks. Brace yourselves.


Mrs Jones said...

I think you're on Blogger, aren't you? So am I but I don't have to fanny around on Flickr to get my pictures posted. I do have to adjust the size of them to less than 1000 thingummies on their longest side but I just then upload them directly (you can do a maximum of five in one go) from where I've filed them on my PC. Not sure that this helps.

@eloh said...

I know zip about working a computer. I'm sure I end of doing things the long hard way or not at all.

A lot of blogs out there that looked like mine, when I started blogging a couple months ago, have now gone all high tech....makes me feel like I'm being left behind with a pencil and a stack of old notebook paper.

Your cupcakes look yummy and the cake is really gorgeous!

Middle Sis said...

Know sod all about photos on the poota but....mmmmmmmmmmmm, cakes!

Z said...

I do wot Mrs J does. Nice cakes.

livesbythewoods said...

Thank you very much for the picture advice, am now uploading direct from my pc. Much easier!

And the cakes were very nice, but the less said about the scones the better. The chickens were unimpressed, apparently.