Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Hell of a story on the news lately about the young Army officer who ran out of ammunition. It's very easy to imagine conflict going on at arm's length, all remote and technical like a video game, till you hear about this kind of thing.  Blimey.

I was at Salisbury hospital a while back, hanging round the plastic surgery department while they assessed how well Mr WithaY's fingers were healing. 

He got the thumbs-up* from the surgeon, and we headed back to the car.  To get out of the hospital you had to walk along a huge corridor, passing many different side wards and rooms and so on. 

As we walked, a nurse came out of a side corridor pushing a wheelchair.  In the wheelchair was a young man.  Well, most of a young man.  He'd lost one arm, one leg (on the opposite side to the arm), most of the fingers on his remaining hand, and his face and body were a network of scars.  He looked about 21.  As they passed us I heard the nurse asking him "So, what medal are they giving you?"

I had to stop in an alcove and blow my nose for a few minutes. 

I'm feeling a bit grumpy and out of sorts today, with a scratchy sore throat and a headache.  It may just be because I am tired after the weekend and a couple of bad nights since, but if not, then I am getting a cold.  Which, with my track record is bound to turn into chest infection.  Ah yes, look on the bright side, I always say. 

Other news:  Kevin the Decorator is back!  He is doing our hall, stairs and landing....walls, ceilings, woodwork and all.  We bought the paint ages ago, and were full of good intentions to do it ourselves, but what with everything** going on over the summer we just didn't get round to it. 

* heh
**involuntary amputation, bereavement, SSFH, all that stuff.


@eloh said...

Face to face with the real cost of war. Speachless.

Glad to hear the Mr is healing well.

Will you be doing before and after photos...I like things like that..keeps me occupied and out of trouble, well to some extent.

livesbythewoods said...

Eloh, Mr WithaY is doing really well thanks, although his hand will never be the same again.

The decorating is going really well too, the place is going to look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Decorating is war where I come from. Hiring a peacemaker to do it for you = very clever.

First time visit. Nice to bump into you. :)

livesbythewoods said...

Hello Matthew, welcome and thanks for commenting! Decorating is something that happens to other people these days, I have decided. Life is too short to be sanding down the skirting boards..