Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Holiday cheer

Well, how was your Christmas Day? Mine was very pleasant.

Mr WithaY scooted down to Dorset to pick up his Dad, who spent the day here with us, we spoke to all the various parents, siblings and mates over the course of the day, and ate a huge and tremendous roast beef lunch.

I made my famous Christmas Sausage Rolls* which we had with coffee for brunch.

We watched Casino Royale on dvd (we don't have Sky) which Mr WithaY's dad paid grave attention to all the way through, and at the end announced "Well, I couldn't make head nor tail of that."


For the first time in many, many weeks I actually feel properly relaxed and laid back. I'd forgotten how nice it is to just sit and watch tv for ages, eating satsumas and drinking cups of tea from time to time.

So that's my plan for today as well.

We've had a fantastically sociable time of it over the last few weeks, mostly thanks to our lovely neighbours, so a few days peacefully spent at home together is just the ticket.

I had some wonderful presents, including a techno photo frame from Mr WithaY. I am going to play with it** later. You can plug it into a data stick or a card thingy from a camera and it displays your digital photos. I love that idea.

I feel so relaxed I might even do some dressmaking over the next few days. I have tons of gorgeous fabric and a stack of patterns. I feel a creative surge coming upon me.

*Like normal sausage rolls but I only make them at Christmas.

**The frame, not Mr WithaY. Although, it is Christmas...


Manuel said...

no sky? brilliant i hate them.......awh glad you had a great day......

John said...

Glad you had a good day, but roast beef?! At Christmas?! Ha, I guess you're not the only one out there who has broken with tradition. I know someone who goes with all the family to an Imdian restaurant every year!

Hope you had fun playing....with your picture frame :)

livesbythewoods said...

Manuel, yeah, we live in The Shadow of the Hills, which sounds a bit Lord of the Rings, and means we get crap tv and radio reception. Hence a satellite dish, but only the free channels.

John, I was outvoted mate. And I think beef is probably more traditional than turkey, it just has a smaller PR team.

Email addy is at the bottom of the page. I can tell you're not a detective. Heh.

badgerdaddy said...

I refuse to give money to Murdoch - I'm actually up on the deal too, as I worked for Sky for six months a few years ago. The pay wasn't great, but it certainly cancelled out anything I accidentally paid his organisation over the years.

We had beef too. And chicken. It rocked.

livesbythewoods said...

badgerdaddy, it was more about resenting paying forty quid (or threabouts) a month for shite tv.

And beef is ok, but I do like turkey. Never mind.