Friday, 16 March 2012

Variety meats

Mr WithaY and I were at the butchers yesterday.  We are fortunate to have two good local butchers in town, and I try to buy my meat from them as often as possible.  They do these great deals where you can buy a sack o' meat for about 12 quid, and every time I've done it, the meat's been top quality and made some great meals.

As the butcher was wrapping up the purchases, we got chatting.

Butcher:  There's your mince.

Me:  Oh lovely, thank you.

Butcher:  I'll wrap all these other meats up individually so you can see what's what when you get home.

Me:  Thanks...otherwise it could be interesting when dinner time arrives.

Mr WithaY:  Ah yes, mystery meat casserole, my favourite.

Butcher:  You have to be careful.  We sell pet mince (Note: Pet mince is made of minced meat, but also minced offal like lungs, hearts, livers etcetera that customers are less inclined to buy nowadays.) here, and a chap came in one day and told us that his wife had cooked it and he'd eaten it by accident.  He said it was tasty, but chewy.

I was planning a review of the local paper as well, but this week it's been all about the recent loss of life overseas, so I thought I wouldn't.


FigMince said...

There's an old joke about the man who pigs into a bowl of something in the fridge one night after coming home late from the pub. Next morning, he tells his wife that the 'casserole' was delicious and she tells him it was the dog's meat. He says he doesn't care and that he wants it every night from now on.

The wife tells her neighbour who says it'll kill him eventually.

A few months later, the neighbour hears that the husband is dead.

"I told you so,' the neighbour says to the wife.

"Oh, it wasn't the dog meat that did it," the wife explains. "He was hit by a truck while sitting in the middle of the road licking his balls."


Anonymous said...
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livesbythewoods said...

FigMince, excellent story, thank you. Nasty, but excellent.

franklinmarshall spambot arse, bugger off.