Friday, 2 March 2012

Knee deep

Is it March already?  Blimey.  I always feel a bit shortchanged by February somehow.  But then, as if by magic, overnight it turns into March, and Spring is here, and things seem so much better after all.

Mr WithaY went for a long walk yesterday afternoon around the lakes between here and Salisbury - he has to plan, undertake and document three different long walks with reams of wildlife data for three different terrains as homework for his bushcraft course - and while he was out he saw three kingfishers.  One on its own and a pair flying together.  I've seen kingfishers once or twice on the river through the village, but never more than one at a time.  I love them, they are incredibly colourful and vibrant, like humming birds.

I didn't go with him on his walk because I have been limping around with a massively damaged knee this week.  It was sore - well, they both were - after our sterling decorating efforts on Monday. I'm too old and creaky to spend long periods of time kneeling on the floor, it seems,  but by the time I woke up on Tuesday morning it was a bit sore.  And, alarmingly, my foot and lower leg were feeling weird too. More stiff than painful, really, but overnight it got worse.  

I woke up in the middle of Tuesday night aware that my right knee was really hurting, and moving it made it worse.  Fuck. I limped into the bathroom and found some painkillers which allowed me to go back to sleep, albeit grumpily.

Clearly all the kneeling had caused something to swell up inside the knee joint which had impacted on the nerves or tendons or whatever the hell was twinging all the way to my big toe every time I moved my foot.  I spent much of Wednesday sitting on the sofa whining for ibuprofen and tea, doing bits of hand-sewing and knitting, in between getting up and walking around and swearing about my much my leg was hurting.

Fortunately by Thursday things seemed to have begun to resolve themselves, at least in part, as my knee was still making horrific graunching cracking noises when I moved it, but my foot and lower leg were back to normal.

Today, you'll be thrilled to know, I am sporting a sexy neoprene knee brace which Mr WithaY found in the back of a cupboard, and am not swearing quite so much.  We will see how things go.

I hate being old and crap.


rachel said...

Housemaid's knee, perhaps? If so, my Household Physician 1899 recommends leeches, and later, a purgative of salts or seidlitz. Now doesn't that make you like your neoprene knee brace a little more?

Mary Ann said...

I can't kneel anymore...don't know if it's a result of a fall I had 8 years ago or old age...probably the latter....:(


"Oldish" age...having arthritis in both knees & both shoulders SUCKS....but MELOXICAM/MOBIC (which has many other names of which I am not aware) IS VERY GOOD for humans & dogs...(Zoe is same age as me in dog years)...doses are different but result is the same...keep on keeping on!!