Friday, 23 March 2012


It's been a busy day here.  In preparation for the Grand Cake Etcetera Sale tomorrow I have been baking.  I made a shitload of clementine and chocolate cupcakes (yes, that is the correct unit of measurement, ask a baker) and a coffee and walnut sandwich sponge which looks rather good.

I have also been finishing off the bits and pieces I will be offering for sale to a discerning public.


They are (pics from top to bottom)
1) Small, medium and large hearts filled with dried rose petals that I harvested from the garden and dried last summer.
2) Cushions. 2 matching, one individual.
3) Bunting.  Bloody yards of it.
4) More fabric hearts, these ones stuffed with, well, stuffing.

I have also made some pretty mini memo boards, along the lines of the ones I made earlier, but much smaller, designed to stand on a mantelpiece or shelf.

Oh, and some bookmarks, which I really like.

In other news, I looked out of the window into the back garden this afternoon and this is the sight that greeted me:

Our apple tree, festooned in hessian sacks.

I looked at it for a while, my jaw sagging open unappealing, then went to find Mr WithaY.

The scene:  A domestic garage, lit by bright afternoon sunshine.

Me:  Just.....why?

Mr WithaY: (without even looking up from his manly garage-sorting task) To dry them out.



Isabella Golightly said...

I have just one question myself... whatever does he use them for? It it's for some secret yokel thing you have to pitchfork me to death after telling, I can live without knowing. I think. Nice hearts!

Al21 said...

Perfectly understandable, this is a normal reaction brought on by a houseful of chintz!

livesbythewoods said...

Isabella, I am agog myself. By late afternoon they had been taken down, bundled up and put away again. It's all very mysterious.

Al, ha! You outdoorsy types, you stick together.

Mary Ann said...

I thought it was to keep birds away or something....????

Good luck at your sale:)

Mary Ann said...

Oh...just had a thought...his version of bunting?

Middle Sis said...

Looks like my wardrobe.

Isabella Golightly said...

And loving the spam.. Too bad you can't put that in one of those sacks.