Saturday, 6 August 2011

Nothing is free...

In an annoying recent development, The Onion have decided to start charging non-US visitors to their website.  You can read 5 stories in any 30 day period, and after that you have to pay them about $3 a month. 

They can poke right off.

Yeah, you heard me, Onion. 

I shall get my top-notch news information via The Daily Mash from now on instead. 

Other news:  Went to Salisbury yesterday to meet bestest mate for lunch. All very pleasant.  My, aren't there a lot of tourists about, though?  I'd forgotten that about Salisbury.  Mr WithaY and I tend to pop in early-ish on a Saturday and be on our way home by the time most of the tour buses are arriving in town.

I might re-think my plan to go to Bath one day next week. Or at least, make sure I get there early if I do go.

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