Saturday, 19 March 2011

Craft FAIL

Remember I was banging on about how unsuccessful that tie-dye experiment was?  And how ghastly the bedding looked after I'd finished dicking about with it?

I wasn't kidding.

You can just about make out the unpleasant bruise-like quality of the colour mix.  Please note the enhancing effect of the sickly yellow circles.

Mmm.  Sweet dreams.  Do the yellow circles look like unfortunate stains to you?  They do to me. 

Is that a patch of paler green in the top right hand corner?  Why yes, I believe it is.  What a delicious colour contrast.

Perhaps the pillowcases will look a bit better.

Or perhaps they won't.

The whole lot was discreetly wrapped in a bag and placed in the village clothing and fabric recycling bin while nobody was about. 

I hope that someone, somewhere gets some use from them, although frankly I can imagine frozen Third World rough-sleeping beggars turning up their noses at the whole sorry mess.


Z said...

I'm trying to come up with something politely consoling to say, but those yellow circles are the final ew-factor that has silenced me. Back in the 60s when we first tried tie-dying, we tied actual knots and dipped the cloth in the bath so it didn't all soak through. However, I suspect you aren't going to try this again any time soon.

Ventristwo said...

Yes, you're right, they don't look good but it is funny seeing the results. Thank you!

livesbythewoods said...

It's vile. There are no two ways about it.