Saturday, 14 August 2010

Spam spam spam

Quick note for those of you who comment.  And for anyone else who might feel like leaving a comment at some point in the future, I suppose. 

Due to the sudden proliferation of shite comments being submitted on very old posts, ranging from links to other "blogs" which in fact are no such thing, to adverts for all manner of dodgy crappy stuff, I have now made some changes to the comments regime on this blog.

If you want to comment on a post that is more than 14 days old, it will get moderated, as it does now.  If you leave a comment on a post that I have made within the last 14 days, you'll get the word verification thingy to fill in, rather than the moderation that I used to do.

Ha.  Take that, robot spammers.  Like an old-style Dalek confronted with a steep flight of stairs, your reign of terror* is over.  OVER.

And on the plus side, people can publish their comments whenever they like, no longer having to wait for me to get round to it.  Life is good. 

Other news:  First week back at work in London was ok.  I still can't walk very far, but I am trying to walk further each day, and to limp less.  Worryingly, my ankle now hurts quite a lot on the other side of my foot - the bone on the inner side, rather than on the outer side.  If it hurts as much by the middle of the week I am going back to the doctor.  It's still swollen as well, and looks like more bruising is coming to the surface.  Ugh.

Also, had my first guitar lesson last night, after a 3 month hiatus.  It was great.  GREAT.  My gorgeous guitar teacher is also recovering from an ankle injury, although his was much more scary and dramatic.  He told me all about it last night.  Apparently the snap of his ankle breaking could be heard all the way across the cricket pitch.  Gah.  I tried to listen but it was so awful that my ears closed up at certain points, so what I actuall heard was:

"Blah blah lucky there was a paramedic in the cricket crowd blah blah blah intravenous morphine blah blah dislocated AND broken blah blah sedated while they put it back in place blah blah delayed the surgery blah blah a week in hospital blah blah blah."


*Well, ok.  Your increasingly-irritating spam emails.


Isabella Golightly said...

I wondered why all my efforts to sell you Viagra had fallen on deaf ears. Good on you, as they say here. Keep those pharmaceutical phonies at bay, leaves more room for us potato-headed yokels. Your ankle sounds so painful - I hurt mine in April last year & it STILL isn't right - so you're in for the long haul, so keep nagging at the doctor...

B.E. Earl said...

After dealing with spammers (from Taiwan!!!) for too long, I went the same route you are taking. Comment moderation on old posts and word verification on newer posts. Been working far.

livesbythewoods said...

Isabella, I'm good for Viagra, but my penis could do with being a bit bigger, please.

Earl, I have no idea where these bastards are from, but enough is enough! They are entering a world of pain. And word verification.