Saturday, 26 June 2010

Postcard number 2

The much-vaunted thunderstorm of last night failed to show up. Bah.  

So far we haven't been eaten by a bear, crashed into a moose on the Interstate or been flattened by a tornado. So far so good then.

The clay pigeon shooting lesson this morning was excellent. All the more so because I shot quite well, hitting about 2/3 of the clays. Yay me.

This afternoon we drove up to Boothbay Harbor and enjoyed a late lunch at a restaurant on the water, watching small boats coming and going in the sunshine. 

Maine is ridiculously scenic. Blue lakes, green woods, picture postcard skies, it's gorgeous.

We found a little shop selling art and souvenirs. Well, there are loads of shops like that, but this was the only one where all the merchandise is made in the USA rather than in China. I bought a few carved wooden birds, Mr WithaY bought a bronze model of a humpback whale. We felt like patrons of the arts.

Our day began rather well at breakfast. There's a small cafe next to our hotel where we went to eat, and they are unbelievably cheerful in there. Perky, even.

I ordered their "country style breakfast" mainly because it came with "eggs over easy". I have always wanted to know what they are. They're fried eggs that have been flipped over, the yolks still nice and runny. Nom nom nom. 

It also came with bacon and sausage. So far so good. But wait! What else did it come with? Pancakes? Nom nom nom indeed.

My experience of breakfast pancakes is limited. I wasn't expecting a two-plate breakfast.  A schoolboy error. 

Mr WithaY helped me out, but we had to admit defeat and leave some. Pancakes seem to be designed as an efficient method of getting as much maple syrup into you as fast as possible.

Made a change from lobster though.

Last night was enlivened by a family with small children shrieking, stomping and crashing around our floor of the hotel until almost 1am. 

At one point, unable to sleep for the godawful racket, I looked out through the peephole in our door. One of the children, a boy of about 7 I'd guess, was running backwards and forwards along the corridor over and over. Parents. Fuckers.

I found my earplugs and after that the night was undisturbed.

Mr WithaY and I found t-shirts saying  "Shit Creek Survivor" so we bought one each. Seemed appropriate somehow. Mr WithaY also bought a hat with moose antlers on it. It's very stylish.  I foresee many photo opportunities. 

We're having a great time.


Dan said...

Ever since reading Stephen King from a very early age, I have always wanted to visit Maine. I'm very jealous of you LBTW.

And that breakfast sounded lovely, but I am now starving and only have Hobnobs in my cupboard.

I now hate you.

Small Town Girl said...

The breakfast sounds heavenly !!
Aah... the fun of vacations ....

I have seen Americans advertise way too much for any natural calamities.... :)
I love the Pizza + movies + comfy hotel bed

livesbythewoods said...

Dan, helloooo! I took a photo of the breakfast, you'll be glad to know. I might do a whole "American Food" posting when I get home. Make sure you have some chips handy. And a pie or two. And maybe some Tizer.

Small town girl, the food is excellent.