Friday, 25 June 2010


We're in Maine, at a hotel with free WiFi. Hurrah.  

The very helpful man at Reception let me use his phone to ring the bank and get my card unlocked, so I'm solvent again. Apparently the bank locked my card because there was a transaction made in the UK in between transactions in the USA. 

That would be because I topped up my mobile, using the miracle that is the telephone system. Gah.

We are waiting for a pizza to be delivered to our room and then we plan to watch X Men Origins on TV. I am loving America. 

Terrifyingly, there was just a Severe Thunderstorm Warning on the TV. Apparently there are storms, strong winds and deadly raindrops heading our way. 

That is all well and good, I've lived through a fair few scary thunderstorms. 

What is really alarming is the loud alarm-clock style beeping and the voice-over on the TV telling us how severe the thunderstorms will be.

We changed the channel. Hopefully there won't be any terrifying warnings while we watch the film.

Oh, and we're off for a clay pigeon shooting lesson tomorrow morning. Assuming that the place hasn't been blown into the next State by a freak tornado or blasted into a smoking crater by the lightning.


Isabella Golightly said...

Why aren't you asleep?

Here's the moose story:


Middle Sis said...

Deadly raindrops? how big are they? do they hold 700 gallons each and could drown you? Stay indoors or get a mighty umbrella or maybe an aqualung.
Out of curiosity, how many ad breaks during your film?

livesbythewoods said...

Isabella, my phone is still on UK time, so I am actually 5 hours behind it. And that moose story is terrifying.

Middle Sis, that rain was made of ACID! And gravel. I bought a new hat today just in case we get more.

livesbythewoods said...

Oh, and there were NO ad breaks at all! Marvellous.